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The only limit is your imagination and the length of your garden hose!

Now available at NIXA HARDWARE & SEED COMPANY in Nixa, Missouri!

Just hook it up to your garden hose, and the water does most of the work for you. Simply turn the tool back and forth to loosen the soil as the water washes it away. It works great--even in rocky soil!

Click here to see video of the Erodiator in action.

The Erodiator has so many benefits when compared with traditional hole digging tools:

It's lightweight and easy to handle. The water does most of the work.

It can be used to dig holes of nearly any shape or size in virtually any type of soil.

It can be used around pipes, lines, sidewalks, footings, and roots with minimal risk of damage.

With no electric or gasoline engine, you can enjoy the peaceful sounds of the outdoors as you dig.

It takes up no more space than a broom.

You don't have to break the bank to buy a digging tool that won't break your back. You can get an Erodiator for about the same cost as a traditional post hole digger and bar...or a single trip to the chiropractor.